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Medicare is the federal insurance offered to retires who receive social security benefits including disability benefits.  The state of Nevada has several programs to help individuals learn about Medicare and choose the best options for them.  To learn more about Medicare programs in Nevada click on one of the following links:

  • Nevada S.H.I.P. - offers Medicare counseling for beneficiaries to review their annual drug coverage, choose supplemental plans and understand their Medicare benefits. 
  • Nevada S.M.P. - provides education and outreach to help Medicare beneficiaries prevent, detect and report Medicare fraud and errors. 
  • Extra Help - Assists with Medicare premiums and co-pays.  The level of assistance is dependent on the beneficiary's income and resource limits. 

Picture of Medicare staff for PBS program

 February 2016 - SHIP and SMP Director's donating a supply of Braille and large print Medicare and You 2016 books to the Vegas PBS Educational Media Center Library that specializes in materials for the deaf and blind community.  


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