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Medication can be expensive and no one should have to choose between paying for their medication and other necessary expenses such as food.  The following links are offered to help you learn more about benefits that can help you with your medications.

Benefits CheckUp - a website to help seniors apply for Extra Help and find other programs and benefits for which they might qualify.

Medicare Counseling - the state of Nevada State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) provides Medicare counseling for beneficiaries. Whether you are new to Medicare or just need help during Open Enrollment, counselors are available to help you!

Prescription Assistance - the State of Nevada Prescription Assistance Program (also known as Senior/Disability Rx) can help you with your medication expenses if you do not qualify for other assistance programs.

Medication Management - Are your medications making you sicker?  The Medication Therapy Management program can help you evaluate your medication list and determine if there are any harmful interactions you may not be aware of.  This program is open to seniors age 60 and over only.

In addition to these sites, you may qualify for discounts directly from your drug manufacturer.  For direct assistance, ask your pharmacist is the drug company offers any help with prescription costs or you can contact the drug company directly.


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