Nevada's Care Connection:

Database Inclusion and Exclusion Policy

Nevada's Care Connection envisions empowering consumers to make personal decisions, plans, and social connections that allow them to maintain their independence as long as possible.

The Nevada Care Connection project is a network of community-based sites, also known as Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC) with the common purpose of providing:

  • Information and Referral,
  • Assistance and Advocacy also known as Options Counseling and
  • Eligibility and Access or Benefits Counseling

The focus is to connect Nevada's elders, persons with a disability, their families, care givers and anyone wanting to plan for their future long-term support needs, into public programs that are geared towards maintaining one's independence in their own community.

The purpose of the resource database is to catalog community service providers and services that serve the ADRC target population and maintain current and accurate information in order to connect our consumers with needed or wanted services.

In order to maintain the integrity of the information and assistance component of Nevada's Care Connection, the following guidelines have been established to determine which organization services may be included in the resource database. Inclusion in the Nevada Care Connection database is free.

The following criteria were based on the inclusion/exclusion criteria provided by the Alliance for Information and Referral Systems Standards.

Agencies/Program Eligible for Inclusion:

  • Have an established/published phone number, street and city address, email address, hours of operation and a designated contact person;
  • Nonprofit agencies based in Nevada or providing services to Nevada residents, which provide community services to the target populations (new agencies will be required to submit proof of nonprofit status);
  • Government (public) agencies that provide social, education, or health services to the target population;
  • Self-help support groups of interest to the target population;
  • Community and civic advocacy organization parent organizations. Whenever possible, local chapters will be referred from the parent organizations;
  • Professional organizations in the health or human service fields pertinent to the target populations;
  • Elected government officials serving Nevada at the federal level as well as the Governor and Governor's Council members;
  • Hospitals, health clinics, and long-term care facilities serving Nevada residents.
  • Toll-free telephone services or websites that offer a social, health, or community services to the target population of the service area;
  • For-profit, proprietary human services agencies that are providing social, health, or community services to the target population;
  • For-profit, proprietary businesses offering a unique or specialized service to the target population.

Agencies/Programs ineligible for Inclusion:

  • Private physicians, lawyers, medical groups, private therapists, or other individuals offering services, unless they meet one or more of the specific inclusion criteria listed above;
  • Churches and social organizations that do not offer a community-based services (e.g. food pantry, application assistance, transportation);
  • Agencies/programs that violate federal, state, or local laws or regulations;
  • Agencies/programs that misrepresent their services;
  • Services within an agency which may not be readily available to the target population.

If an organization has a state license requirement, please provide it in the field provided in the resource submittal web page.

Organizations must ensure submitted information is accurate and updated when prompted by the Care Connection Webmaster via electronic mail every four months.

If an organization has significant changes in its contact information (i.e., change in designated contact person, phone number, hours of operation, website, email or address), the organization is responsible for submitting their updates and changes to the Care Connection Webmaster for approval.

Submission for Inclusion Process:

  • Entities that meet the inclusion criteria, and want to be listed in the Nevada Care Connection database, must complete a Resource Submittal on
  • The Nevada Care Connection Webmaster reserves the right to edit information submitted by entities to meet format, guideline and space requirements.
  • Entities that no longer choose to be listed on the Nevada Care Connection database must submit a written request to be removed.

Nevada Care Connection reserves the right to make the final determination as to which organizations are included in the database and may remove or exclude any organization for fraud, misrepresentation, discrimination, service non-delivery or any other reason approved by the Nevada Care Connection.

No endorsement or lack of endorsement of any agency/program shall be construed from its inclusion in or omission from the resource database. Agencies or organizations that want to appeal a decision by Nevada Care Connection regarding the inclusion or exclusion decision should follow these guidelines:

  1. Contact the Nevada Care Connection Webmaster to clarify program services in relation to this policy.
  2. If concerns are not resolved by step one, a written request providing rationale for the appeal or concerns must be sent to the Nevada ADRC Project Manager:
  3. The ADRC Project Manager, in consultation with the Aging and Disability Services Deputy Administrator, will make the final determination.

The information contained in the Care Connection database is provided by the entities. Every effort is made to verify the accuracy of the resource data, but Nevada Care Connection does not guarantee accuracy or completeness of the information provided or that the services listed will be readily available.

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