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1. What is Nevada's Care Connection?

It is our states Aging and Disability Resource Center program. ADRCs are a no wrong door, single point of entry into the long term services and supports system. The philosophy of the ADRC program is to make sure consumers and their families have accurate information about their choices in their communities and can easily access programs and benefits for which they qualify.

2. What is meant by ‘long-term services and supports system?

Long-term services and supports (LTSS) can be a wide range of services including personal care assistance, supportive housing and medical care.

3. What type of help does Nevada's Care Connection offer?

The resource centers throughout the state offer a range of services including information, referral, planning assistance, options counseling, application assistance and follow up. Services are tailored to the specific needs and desires of each consumer.

4. Who is eligible for assistance from Nevada's Care Connection?

The ADRC program is geared towards any Nevadan planning for long term services and supports, including any person age 60 or older, people with disabilities and caregivers.

5. Where can I go for help from Nevada's Care Connection?

Nevada's Care Connection has 7 resource centers throughout Nevada. To search for a resource center nearest you, click here.

6. I have a lot of needs; will Nevada's Care Connection be able to help meet all of those needs?

The resource centers make an effort to help consumers look at all options to meet all of their needs. When there are no services to meet particular needs, we use that information to help advocate for increased services.

7. I have a little bit of resources to help pay for services, can Nevada's Care Connection help me?

Yes. The program is open to any person who needs assistance with long term services and supports.

8. There is not a resource center in my area, how can I get help?

Through the 3 Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD) regional offices, we are able to provide ADRC services across the entire state. You can call your nearest ADSD office or you can use the tools available on this website including the Resource Directory, Learn About and the Assess My Needs sections.

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